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Small Bites Radio #Coronavirus #COVID-19 Status

Small Bites Radio #Coronavirus #COVID-19 Status

Unfortunately due to the continued crisis regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 and the safety of our guests, talent, and studio staff being of utmost importance, all recordings of Small Bites Radio are currently cancelled. As of now ALL bookings are canceled until further notice. If you have an appearance scheduled for a later date, we will be determining the viability of that show occurring closer to the date and reach out to the person who booked the segment or slot appearance personally if and when that show will occur. Unless you are contacted by us DO NOT visit the studio or reach out to any team member of Small Bites Radio or staff personnel of Wildfire Radio. No segments are being taped remotely for any call-in guests either. ALL production has ceased and is suspended.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or your clients. This is unprecedented territory with a lot of uncertainty currently. With this in mind and no end in sight on the horizon our policy has changed and we are NOT rescheduling any appearances any longer for shows cancelled. ALL appearances that were to happen have been FULLY CANCELLED. Also our schedule has been frozen and we are NOT accepting any new bookings no matter how far out the date requested until the situation is deemed by local, state, and federal officials that the outbreak has been fully contained.

In keeping a somber tone we have halted all official social media posts coming from Small Bites Radio on all platforms in respect to lives lost and life as we know it changing drastically every day. Any social media activity from any member of Small Bites is unsanctioned currently and they are their personal views and opinions. This is in regard to any format that any message may be published as well as all writing or points of view are personal and they belong to the author of the particular piece. Nothing in any manner is an authentic representation of what Small Bites Radio stands for nor are any messages, posts, videos, audio, etc. endorsed in any manner.

Now is not the time for promotion of any kind. Any distraction from defeating the virus is counterproductive in our belief. For the safety of yourself and others around we beg of you to be sure to share only information from reliable sources regarding this crisis. Together we can get through this.

Hopefully this will resolve itself sooner rather than later, and everyone at Small Bites Radio looks forward to the day we can see everyone again and have you join us to be part of the fun we are known for. Until then please stay safe and healthy and may tomorrow bring a better day.

Be vigilante and informed:


If interested, you can still listen to previous episodes of the #1 listed “Food Radio Show Philadelphia” and the #1 listed “Food Radio Show South Jersey” Small Bites Radio on Wildfire Radio at:

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Hope to see you all again soon!

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